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Welcome! to the home page of

Perfume oils, essential oils, Victoriana, tea goods, children's books, paper dolls, nostalgia, dolls, and teddy bears.

We hope you will also enjoy our contemporary dolls, doll clothing, teddy bears, and miniature accessories. There are books in every department, plus the bookshelf of related topics, including--- (books on) angels, fairies, old toys, lace, cats, dogs, and good friends. Don't miss the wonderful reproductions of old fashioned childrens books!

There are also journals and photograph albums, gift bags & boxes. You'll find unique contemporary greeting cards as well as old fashion greeting cards including fancy Valentines and other seasonal favorites such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

We have:

Charming children's books spanning the years.

Collections of old images (including tin advertising signs).

Books for collectors of dolls, paper dolls, teddy bears, old photographs, Valentines, and paper ephemera.

Black teas, herbal teas, tea pots, tea sets, unique strainers, infusers, paper lace placemats and doilies, books about tea parties and other goodies awaiting the tea lover.

There's an entire department devoted to just paper dolls.

We welcome you
to a storefront full of
beautiful old fashion goods, Victoriana, and memorabilia, ---including nostalgia from the first half of the 1900's. You'll discover a treasure trove for collectors, interior decorators, and antique buffs.

Our antique reproduction prints and images will take you back to "the good old days" and you will delight in the variety of useful items for modern day fans of all things Victorian. A great source for Victorian gifts for that special person ---including scented french soaps and other pretty things for bath and boudoir.


VICTORIANA general store:
reproductions of mechanical children's books from the late 1800's by Earnest Nister, tin advertising signs, hat boxes, fans, decorative items, reproduction Victorian art prints, certificates and greeting cards, including Valentines. Books about Victorian fashion, parlor cats, lace and doilies, old post cards, antique photographs of children, Victorian scrap, and doll houses. Photograph albums, paper gift boxes & bags. Beeswax ornaments and candles.

TEA GOODS department:
Herbal teas, black teas, strainers, infusers, tea balls, tea pots, child size tea sets, paper lace place mats and doilies, books about tea and tea parties, place cards, note cards and greeting cards.
books of related topics to all departments, such as Victorian architecture, angels and fairies. Reproductions of old fashion childrens books. Contemporary books by Sandra Kuck & Sandy Clough with romantic illustrations.
reproductions from the Victorian era through the 20's, 30's, & 40's and early 50's from Raphael Tuck to the famous Queen Holden. Subjects include babies, children, families, Raggedy Ann, Winnie the Pooh, old adult and child movie stars. PLUS contemporary paper doll artists portraying a variety of time periods. Great for studying historically correct clothing for dolls or the theater. Fascinating for those studying fashion design!
NOSTALGIA (beyond Victoriana) from the first half of the 1900's:
children's books, collector books, art prints and postcards, tin advertising signs, toys and other memorabilia from days gone by.
Kripplebush Kids-- the contemporary 8" vinyl dolls by Robert Tonner with separate clothing and shoes available (for those who like to sew for their dolls). You will find tiny doll accessories like toy trains, wagons, tiny books & miniature paperdolls. Doll collectors reference books and also books about enjoyment of dolls. Doll cards and prints. Good "playable" contemporary teddybears from Russ Berrie Co, and other doll and teddy bear related items.
You will find cards in most of the other departments as well, but here you'll also see cards with old fashion charm by contemporary artists, embossed stationery with Victorian flair, reproductions of vintage greeting cards, plus other paper goods and gift boxes.
aromatic french milled soaps, bubble bath, hand lotion, dusting powder, real potpourri sachets and bulk lavender, pillows and pretty things for the bedroom, perfume bottles and accessories.
An instant costume, make a statement, or just for everyday wear. Comfortable adjustable headpiece ties on easily and looks so natural. Have fun wherever you wear them!
includes unique things that don't fit in our other categories:
you may find fashion accessories, jewelry, one-of-a-kinds, antiques or collector items.


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